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Must-have Features in Rental Management Solutions

  • 05/20/2022

Back in time, property managers and owners used to carry on the tasks manually all by themselves, be it regarding showcasing their properties to the tenants, getting the lease agreement signed, or collecting the rents from the tenants. 

But not anymore now. The property managers can simplify much of their work at present and all thanks to the advanced rental management solutions bought by Tenantden. It is the advanced features present in the software which makes everything possible by sitting at the home. 

Tenantden's rental management solutions are not confined to merely one kind of property but many kinds of properties which include commercial, residential, student housing, and others. Having this software has become a necessity for property managers and others. 

But before getting our online rental management software, it would be good if you have the know-how of its advanced features which make the work easy for you. Here are the features of our rental property management solution. 

Features of Rental Management Solution 

No more worrying over the crucial properties and investments you have made in buying the properties as this set of features tends to eliminate all the worries and make the business hassle-free for the property managers. 

Listing of Properties 

Our rental management solutions make it super easy for property owners to list their properties and look for the befitting tenants accordingly. Make sure to list your properties with the desired details as it will attract more and more customers to your properties. 

Easy Management of Properties 

No matter whether you own single or multiple rental units, our property management solution advanced features easily manage these at once. There is a provision for a single dashboard where you can get live access to the data. 

All the rental activities such as lease generation, rent collection, and so on will be available on your dashboard to take note of your multiple rental units. 

Tracking Leads 

The second must-have feature in the property management solution is being able to track the leads. With the leads tracking tool, it becomes easy for property managers and owners to enlist their properties and take note of their leads. 

Every detail of your lead will be displayed on the dashboard of the property managers from where they can look into the potential tenants and decide accordingly. 

Automatic Invoice Generator

Visiting the tenants to collect the rent and that too every month sounds hectic, right? Worry no more as an automatic invoice generator is there to assist you with the rent collection. With this feature, the property managers can send the rent invoices and other invoices to their tenants online. 

The property managers merely need to fill in the date and time to send automatic invoices to their respective tenants. In addition to this, the property managers can also customize this depending upon their varied requirements. 

Background Check 

The major problem property managers were facing was whether to trust the random tenant or not. But not anymore as our tenant management software comes with the option of performing the background check of the tenant. 

Getting the background check of your tenant will be a smart move on the part of property managers as by doing this, they’ll get to know a great detail about the tenant whom they are about to trust with their property. 

Document Management 

There are loads of documents involved in the property business which can become a huge mess if not handled well. But no more worrying over losing your crucial documents concerning properties. 

Our tenant management software’s document management makes it easy for property managers to manage and keep all their documents in one place. 

Property Management Report 

Besides the other features, there is lots of data to take care of in the property business to keep an eye on your diverse properties at the same time. Be it monthly stats, rent collection online, and other property-related payments, our instant report management feature is all that property managers need. 

With our report management, property owners can easily keep and maintain proper records of their transactions concerning the properties. 

Wrapping Up 

Our property management solution is one solution to all your worries and issues arising in the property business. By choosing this, property managers and tenants will be at ease as much of their tasks will be handled automatically. Reach out to Tenantden and get this software for yourself.