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Must Have Amenities to Make Your Online Rental Management Stand Out

  • 06/07/2022

Onboarding the tenants and making them sign the lease agreement is not that easy. It is the basic amenities that can make or mar the tenant’s decision concerning whether to sign a lease agreement or not. 

All those property managers and owners looking to double up their income or improve their service should pay heed to the amenities they provide in online property management. It is an obvious thing on the part of the tenants to look at the rental property before moving in. 

Consequently, it is high time for the property managers and owners to pay attention to the amenities to bring in more leads and invite applications from the tenants. Let’s have a look at the must-have amenities for making your online rental management stand out from your competitors. 

What do Amenities mean? 

As such, amenities are not necessary for day-to-day living but if there, then these can make the life easier and enjoyable for the tenant. It is the presence of amenities that guides the tenant’s decision to sign a lease agreement. 

Consequently, the landlords and property managers should look after these to attract more and more tenants to their rental properties. Whether to add the amenities cost to the overall monthly rent or charge a separate fee for the same solely depends upon the discretion of the property managers. 

Must-Have Amenities for the Tenants 

The majority of the property managers and owners stay in dilemma over the amenities which excites the tenants more. That's why here’s the list of must-have amenities for your tenants which will make your online rental management stand out from the rest. 

Furnished kitchens 

The top amenity which attracts the tenants is the fully furnished and upgraded kitchens. The tenants would love to sign a lease agreement with you if your kitchen has granite tops, plenty of counter space, stainless steel compliances, gas stoves, and many others. By providing such an upgraded kitchen to your tenants, you can also increase your monthly rent and multiply your earnings. 

Hardwood floors 

Convenience is what matters the most for the tenants. The tenants like the easy to clean and durable hardwood floors. This becomes all the more vital when the tenants own the pets. With pets, it becomes extremely difficult to clean the floors. Consequently, if you provide the hardwood floors which are easy to clean, the tenants would easily move into your property. 

Private outdoor space 

Another best amenity that tenants love is private outdoor space. Nearly every tenant wants to own their personal space where they can relax such as a balcony or a safe yard making it safe for the kids to play. Giving your tenants their personal space where they can spend some quality time will add value to your rental property. 

Community garden 

Is there a community garden on your rental property? If not, then this might be the reason you might be missing out on tenants. Evening walks in the lush green gardens of the community seem great. Fortunately, this is what the tenants look for when looking out for the properties to move. 


Keeping in mind the threats, burglaries, and other such things these days, security is the top priority of the tenants while deciding whether to choose a particular property or not. Consequently, the property owners should make the provision of alarm systems, security cameras, and other such security systems that give peace of mind to the tenants. Besides this, the people who stay alone should have the facility of well-lit parking and walking spaces. 

Windows and natural light 

The majority of the property owners look for windows and natural light in their rental properties. This way, the rental property will always smell great and will keep the tenants in a good mood. Consequently, this is a must-have amenity to make your online rental management stand out from your competitors. 

Final Thoughts

Our Online rental management will become all the easier for you if you invest in your rental properties and property management software. Above all, having all these amenities in your properties will further persuade the tenants to sign the lease agreement and move into your property.