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Is There a Way to Automate Property Management?

  • 06/30/2022

Property management requires a significant amount of time and work. How can time be redirected away from boring duties and toward what really matters? Your process for property management has to be enhanced and automated.

As a property management company, When you decide to use software to self-automate, you will save a lot of time and money. 

The five daily property management activities listed below may all be automated by you to improve workflow efficiency and day-to-day operations.

  • Call and appointment scheduling - Making calls and appointments may be time-consuming and expensive. The majority of property management businesses are aware that scheduling often results in an email chain; on average, it takes eight emails to book one meeting!

Automating this process can cut down a lot of hectic work that is essential to be done to reach the clients. 

  • Quick email responses to clients - An autoresponder may be used for property management marketing to save time. When a customer subscribes to your email list or submits an inquiry, an autoresponder, which is a time-based email or message, is automatically sent. Your autoresponder sequence may be customized by deciding on the message and delivery time. For instance, a lot of autoresponder sequences merely contain one thank-you message, such as "Thank you for joining our email list!"
  • Make an Easily Accessible FAQ - You need to have a page on your property management website where you answer frequently asked questions in depth. This is an excellent technique to let a potential customer learn more about your property management company while also offering upfront service. Your customers may quickly get answers by using a FAQ, which lightens the pressure on your customer care staff. Additionally, it enhances site navigation and raises your website's exposure.

By utilizing an integrated chatbot, you may automate even more. Any time, day or night, your online chatbot may assist your customers with their inquiries.

  • Automate the Process of Showings Property - For a busy property management firm, scheduling property showings is a huge time and energy drain, especially if the showing doesn't result in an application from a possible renter.

You may make the page showcasing properties more attractive with the use of automation. A one-time access code unique to the property is provided to potential tenants. By employing live check-in notifications, the program also tells you as soon as someone enters your property. After the showing, potential tenants are sent a post-showing survey, which gives property managers instant feedback and statistics.

  • Maintenance Can Be Automated Too - A property manager's responsibility for property maintenance is crucial. To save time and money, this procedure may be automated in a variety of ways. You may set up property maintenance recommendations and reminders with the use of automation technologies. Scheduling regular maintenance significantly extends the life of a rental property.

What More Can You Automate?

We just covered a small portion of the numerous options for automating your property management procedures. Both our way of life and how we do business have been altered by technology. You may utilize technology-enabled automation as a tool to improve it. 

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