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How to Read a Tenant Screening Report?

  • 06/17/2022

Undoubtedly, the top priority of most property managers and landlords is choosing the right tenants for their properties. Finding the right tenant might seem an easy task initially but it is not an easy one. 

Fortunately, no more worries over finding the right tenant as you can easily do the tenant screening to figure out whether the particular tenant is right for you or not. With the help of the widely available online rental management systems these days, property managers and owners can conduct the tenant screening and then decide accordingly. 

A tenant screening report is a great way to know a great deal about the tenants before you move further with the process. But one major issue property owners are facing these days is regarding the tenant screening report. They are not familiar with how to read the tenant screening report. But no issues as we have got a way out for you. 

Go through this post to figure out how to read a tenant screening report and use the property management software to your advantage. 

Tenant Screening Report

Now, the property managers and owners can get the tenant screening reports in minutes with Tenantden’s rental management software. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the tenant screening report in minutes. 

Request background check 

The foremost thing you need to do is request a background check of the tenants. Simply create a free account and send your tenant for a background check. This way, you can initiate the request for the same. 

Get approval 

Running a background check on the tenant might not be the desirable thing to do. This makes it imperative for you to seek the tenant’s approval before you begin the process. Upon receiving the invite, the tenant can complete the application. 

Get screening report 

Once you are done with this, you’ll get the tenant screening report. Be it criminal, eviction, or anything else, all the verification will be done and then you’ll be given the screening report. 

How to Read the Tenant Screening Report? 

Not many property managers and owners are aware of reading the tenant screening reports. If you are also dealing with the same situation, then we have got something for you. Go through the guide mentioned below to know how to read a tenant screening report. 

Know basic terms 


The first step toward reading a tenant screening report is knowing the basic terms going with it. Usually, such reports are easy to understand but there are some specific terms that you need to know. Some of the key terms you require to know include installment, inquiries, revolving, and others. 

Review criminal records 

Checking the criminal records of the tenant is a must. No property managers and owners should ever miss checking this out. The applicants with no criminal record will see the mention of “no available data” which simply means that the candidate has no criminal record. 

In addition to this, there are some numbers along with the data from which you can reach out to the concerned authority to figure out the charges being levied on the tenant. 

Review public records

The next comes the public records. Here, you’ll come to know whether your tenant has some loans or financial commitments to bear in the future or not. Not only this, but you’ll also get lots of other information if the tenant has taken some loans in the previous times. Consequently, you can understand the tenant better this way and take your decision accordingly. 

Review accounts and past dues 

In addition to the above-mentioned things, you can also review accounts, balances, and past dues. This information will make you learn in-depth about the tenant so you can decide accordingly like whether the tenant will be able to pay you the rent on time or not. 

Final Thought 

Getting access to the tenant screening report will give you an insight into the income, loans, rapport with the previous landlords, and other things so that you can decide the best for your property. Register now on Tenantden and get its online rental management solution to get a full-fledged tenant screening report.