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All you need to make your property management business hassle-free.
Property Management Software

Automatic Invoice Generator

Send rent invoices, late payment invoices, and other invoices automatically on the selected time and date. You can customize your invoices as per the requirement.

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rental property management software

Rental Units Management

Easy to manage one or multiple rental units with a single dashboard. Get the live data of every rental activity like lease generation, rent collection, and so on.

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property management solution

Report Management

Get an instant property management report with the detailed data you need to manage your rentals at any time. You can get a report like monthly stats, track all rent transactions paid online, view other property-related payments, manage maintenance, and more.

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rental management solutions

Lead Tracking

Capture all your leads with Leads Tracking Tool and get details of every lead on your dashboard. You can view all prospective tenants and Premium Leads in your TenantDen dashboard.

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rental property solutions

Easy Property Listing

List your one or multiple properties easily on TenantDen with comprehensive details that will be bestowed in an elegant way to attract more and more clients to your property.

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online property manager

Tenant Background Check

Get a complete picture of your applicants with a simple tenant screening report powered by the SmartMove part of Transunion. You can run a screening report directly from the TenantDen application.


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