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rental-faq General


Yes, a landlord and property manager can easily list properties on our website using our advanced listing features. Yes, if you are looking for a rental property, you can browse our list of available properties for rent. All listings and members are authenticated with a two-factor login process, so you only get a pool of genuine listings.

Creating a good rental unit pet policy involves balancing the needs of pet owners with the need to protect the ownert property and ensure a harmonious living environment for all tenants. Our 2024 pet policy:

1. Pet Types and Breeds

  • Allowed Pets: Specify which types of pets are allowed cats, dogs, birds, fish subject to property owner discretion. No exotic pets are permitted.
  • Breed Restrictions: No aggressive breeds are allowed and all pets are subject to the review and approval of property owner.

2. Pet Size and Number Limits

  • Size Limit: Pets must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Number of Pets: Maximum of 1 pet per household.

3. Pet Fees and Deposits

  • Pet Deposit: $350
  • Pet Rent: $40.00
  • Non-Refundable Fee: $250.00 

4. Vaccination and Licensing

  • Vaccination Records: Requires proof of current vaccinations for all pets.
  • Licensing: Pets must be properly licensed according to local laws.

5. Pet Behavior and Care

  • Behavior Standards: Pets must not exhibit aggressive behavior or excessive barking.
  • Leash Policy: Pets must be on a leash when outside the unit.
  • Waste Disposal: Pet owners must promptly clean up after their pets.

6. Property Damage and Cleanliness

  • Damage Responsibility: Pet owners are responsible for ANY damage caused by their pets.
  • Inspection Rights: Landlord reserves the right to inspect the unit for pet-related damages.

7. Noise and Nuisance

  • Noise Control: Pets should not create noise disturbances that bother other tenants.
  • Complaint Process: Our process for handling pet-related complaints do not differ from those applicable to tenants.

8. Restricted Areas

  • Common Areas: Pets are not allowed in common area(e.g., pool, gym).
  • Designated Pet Areas: If available, designated pet areas for walking and waste disposal can be used. Failure to cleanup after pet will  result in a fine of up to $50.00/incident.

9. Insurance

  • Renter’s Insurance: Pet owners must maintain renter’s insurance that covers pet-related incidents and property damage.

10. Policy Enforcement

  • Violation Consequences: Consequences of policy violations will result in fines or potential eviction.
  • Reporting Issues: Tenants must contact property owner to report issues with pets.







Yes. TD reserves the right to validate any account holder information. Users unwilling to assist with this will immediately be removed from the site.

All users of TenantDen should expect verification, initially and periodically, to keep the site as secure as possible. This is not done to discourage participation but to alert users to our unending effort to keep the website as safe as possible.

Trial accounts are limited to one trial per person or business. If an individual or business desires a second account the second one will be permitted at regular subscription rates at the time of onboarding.

We are a small company built on helping low-count property owners. TenantDen is here to help you by keeping our costs at a minimum.  Please contact us for any questions you may have.

Our business model is built upon providing an ecosystem to our customers. We can tailor packages for your specific needs. Contact us at

Our process typically takes 3-5 business days; however, it depends on several factors, including your bank's policy for clearing deposits.  We offer expedited transfers occasionally, but this is subject to approval and requires a wire fee of $30.00 in addition to the standard processing fee of 2.55% 

Yes, that would really thrill us. Post all your travel anticipations on the Rental Request and invite family members to do the same. 

We will do everything possible make you feel important and valued. This is our promise to every member of the DEN community. 

Accounts are automatically locked after the trial period ends.  If you didn't get on board with TD during the trial period, your account would automatically deny you access. 

TenantDen offers a Rental Request feature for locations througout North America.  By posting your requiments other uses may offer to meet you temporary rental needs. 

You sure can! Just click here to start your TransUnion Screening today! 

Social Responsibility is essential to us! We take every opportunity we can to make the world a better place.  For us, the starting point for making the world better is to support one of our most vulnerable populations, the youth. TenantDen staff commits that 5% of our proceeds will support children in the foster care system.

We enjoy hearing from our customers; email us at



In case of any help and query, feel free to reach us at It's always a joy to hear from you!

Simply visit the sign-up form and fill all the required details. Once your details get in the form, you will get a User Id and password. That's it! All set for landlords to list the property.

Yes, you can! Whether you have one property or more, TenantDen helps you run the entire rental hassle-free. You can access all our features for property management.

TenantDen is a rental property listing website for landlords and property managers to list and market their rental properties easily, receive online rental applications, screen tenants, and more.

rental-faq Pricing


While TenantDen strives to deliver quality, user-friendly proprietary features, for which we do not charge our subscribers, there may be charges for integrated networks, i.e., TransUnion Smart Move. Also, payment processing is 2.55%, much lower than most platforms. 


The application fees are paid only at the time when the application is submitted.  

Sick and tired of being nickeled and dimed for everything as a service? Good, so are we! TenantDen's pricing is simple and stress-free. For Property Owner and Property Manager Accounts: $10 per month for 30 units.  For Vendor Accounts, $25 per year billed annually.  No Subscription levels. No gimmicks. No hidden charges



Our tenant screen process is conducted through a collaboration with TransUnion Smart Move. TransUnion delivers consumer reports in compliance with FCRA quickly and conveniently online.

TenantDen charges a 2.55% processing fee for all payments on its site. Users fee will be charged against the account in the following order:

1) Fees are paid by card on file

2) Processed payments will be reduced by 2.55% 


rental-faq Marketing


TenantDen post rental units to Craigslist. Craigslist does not allow automatic postings, so our marketing feature will not directly post to Craigslist. However, we do craft a Craigslist posting for you to place in your ad.

Based on your situation, we may be able to deploy additional resources to assist in marketing your property. This level of service is reserved for active members only. 

Posted rental units are immediately available on some sites while others may take a few hours.

TenantDen offers a sophisticated property marketing feature to mass-market available rental units while minimizing the PM/PO time.