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How Can Landlords Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Tenants?

  • 07/29/2022
  • Ben Fennell

Do you want your tenants to keep on renewing the lease agreements? What convinces them to do so? It is - ‘Good Relations’. The property owner is usually expected to make the first move. The initiative could be anything - a polite talk, welcome gifts, inviting them to dinner, making them believe that they are family. This is not it; there is more to it.

Tips For Landlords To Maintain A Healthy & Professional Relationship With Tenants

Know Your Tenant

A tenant is someone stranger to you. You must make an effort to get familiar with him. It is necessary to foster personal & professional relationships. When it comes to knowing the tenant personally, you can ask: 

  • When’s your birthday? 
  • How’s your relationship with your family? 
  • What are your future goals? 
  • Are you satisfied with your job? 
  • Are you planning to have kids? 
  • When can we invite you for dinner? 

When asking questions professionally, you need to focus on the following: 

  • Can I have your identity? 
  • How many members are there in your family? Are you looking forward to family planning? 
  • Can you afford rent and yearly rent increments? 
  • Where are you currently employed? How long has it been since you have a job? 
  • Are you ready to comply with the rules & regulations that we have set for our tenants? 
  • Do you own a vehicle? Can I have a look at the official papers & your licence? 
  • Can you provide me with an alternate number? 
  • Do you have any criminal background? 


Communicate Nicely While Instructing 

One common mistake that all landlords usually do is - ‘Acting authoritatively while communicating’. By doing this, you are putting the tenant in an uncomfortable zone & he may not be able to be as real in front of you, as he is, in his personal life. Besides, he would not spare any moment to backbite his landlords. These are the only people who make funny memes about the landlords. 


Here are some tips for the property owners to communicate with tenants: 

  1. Be polite with tenants. Don’t show authoritative behaviour. It is advised not to make your tenants feel inferior. 
  2. Make them aware of the rules about the place. But don’t say, “You have to follow the rules”. Rather you can say, “Can you please follow these rules? It would be appreciated if you do.” 


Tip: When you want to communicate professionally, you are suggested to use Tenantden’s tenant management software. It will allow you to send messages & receive messages and keep a record of them. 


Don’t Bother Them Much If They Are Late With Rent

Landlords are famous for that dominating & punctual aura. But not everybody likes such an attitude, especially tenants. It is suggested to property owners to cooperate with them if they are late with rent payments. Ask them about the reason and try to understand it. 

But, if it is happening almost every month, it is better that you invite them to talk. It should be a professional talk. If the tenant is not improving his dealings even after several talks and warnings, then it is advisable to serve them with a notice period. 


Listen To Their Queries

Tenants may face several problems with houseware items during their tenancy tenure. It is the responsibility of a property owner to hear them all and resolve them before time. 


Final Comments!

It does not require any rocket science for maintaining a healthy relationship with tenants. All you need is - ‘Tips’, which we have mentioned above. Be sure to follow them, they’ll definitely work for you.