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How to Choose the Right Tenant for Your Property?

  • 05/20/2022

Without any doubt, one of the challenging tasks for property owners and managers is finding the right tenant for their property. Trusting someone with your property and hoping that the tenant will take proper care of your property is not an easy job. 

Due to the huge investment involved in buying the properties, no property owner lends his property easily and makes sure to give it to the right person. Consequently, property managers need to take their time and find out the best tenant for their property. 

Wondering how to figure out about the tenant? Property managers need not worry anymore about this as the tenant management software will help you with this. 

In addition to this, looking at certain factors prior will help you discern whether the tenant will be a good fit for your property or not. Let's have a look at some of the factors to ease the things for property managers. 

Tips to Choose the Right Tenant 

Numerous property managers have been struggling with deciding whether the particular tenant is right or not. After all, it's about their property. Consequently, here are some tips that can help property owners in finding the right tenant for their property. 

Credit worthiness 

The primary to oversee the tenant is his financial condition. Whether the tenant will be able to pay you the rent on time or not matters the most in the property business. One sound way to check the credit worthiness of the potential tenant is to go through their previous payments. 

Were they paying the rent on time and taking good care of the property back in time? Also, check the monthly income of your tenant. Ideally, it should be three times the amount of the rent. If yes, then it means the tenant enjoys sound financial conditions and will do justice to your property. 

Criminal background check 

The next way forward for you is to perform a criminal background check on the tenant. Trusting a tenant with a criminal background can pose a serious threat to your property. But no worries as you can get to know his criminal record from the court and other offices. 

The property managers only need the name and date of birth of the tenant to figure out his past activities. But doing so will consume much time of the property managers. Consequently, the best way forward is to hire a tenant management software company and be at peace. 


Whether the tenant is stable or not also needs to be figured out beforehand. No property manager will like allocating his property to such a person who will shift and move often as it again leads to the same process of finding the tenant again. 

That's why the property managers should go forward with the tenants who are stable and do not move often. Consistency is the key while looking for the right tenant for your property so that property managers don't have to go through the entire process all over again. 

Rental record 

What kind of rental history the tenant enjoyed in the past reveals a lot about the tenant and clears most of the doubts of the property managers. The best way to find out about the tenant’s previous record is to ask the previous landlords. 

Whether the tenant was punctual in paying the rents previously or not? Was the tenant informed before leaving your property or not? The reason behind the tenant shifting from the previous property and so on. Asking all these questions to the previous landlords will keep the property managers informed and make them take the right decision. 

Choose a rental software 

There are numerous online rental management software these days to simplify and ease the work of property managers and tenants. All those property managers who do not want to indulge in all these manual processes should look for suitable software to help with the same. 

Out of all such software, the best one is Tenantden’s rental property management software as it helps you with tenant screening, lease agreements, and online payments. All this makes it super easy for the property managers to review the applications and manage multiple leads. 

Final Thoughts 

Ensure to use all the above-mentioned tips to verify the tenant’s reputation and take your proper time to decide. It is because it takes years of hard work and struggle to build your property and only minutes to ruin it. Opt for Tenantden’s rental management software and level up your property business.