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Know Your Tenant Well With the Tenant Screening Software

  • 05/27/2022

One of the challenges faced by property managers and landlords these days is choosing the right tenant for their property. Trusting a random person with your property is not an easy thing and involves huge risks. 

The main dilemma that property managers face is whether the tenants will go take good care of their property or not. As a lot of investment goes into buying the properties, therefore, it is essential to maintain those well to yield enough return from them in the future. 

Consequently, property managers prefer to run a background check on the tenant to figure out their financial status and the reputation they enjoy in the market. But doing it manually feels like a burden. 

The property managers can use the tenant screening software to screen their tenants and know a great deal about them before finalizing the deal. Here’s how tenant screening software will be beneficial for you. 


Tenant Screening Software 


Nothing else beats the happiness of finding high-quality tenants with a sound rental history, communication skills, and good reputation. It is the good tenants only which bring you the handsome profits and make your property business go smoothly. 

Fortunately, you can perform the tenant screening before closing the deal with the help of the tenant screening software. 

Background Check of Tenant 

Before commencing with the background check of the tenant, the property managers must know what a background check is in reality. It is an in-depth overview of the potential tenant which includes education, employment history, or criminal history. 

With all this information in hand, property managers and owners are better equipped for sound decision making like whether it will be profitable to have the particular tenant onboard or not. 

Tips to Check the Background of the Tenant 

Most property managers and owners lack the know-how to check the background of the tenant and end up onboarding the wrong tenant. Consequently, the property managers are opting for tenant screening software to make things easy for them. 

Let’s have an insight into some of the tips to screen the tenants with the help of advanced software. 

Get crucial information

For running the background check on the tenant, the property managers and owners must have some basic information about the tenant. You should be clear with his name, and social security number to proceed with the screening process of the tenant. 

Know financial status 

Whether the tenant will pay the rent on time or not is a crucial thing to check beforehand, otherwise, it poses a serious risk to your property business. But no worries as you can easily figure this out by going deep into his financial status and if he used to pay the rent on time to his previous landlord or not.

Consistent work history 

In addition to the above-mentioned things, the property managers should also go through the work history of the tenant. This includes knowing his employer, consistency at work, his salary or annual package, and other such things. His work history will let you know how he’ll pay the rent. 

Choose a software 

Performing all the above-stated things on your own is not the way and will consume much of your time. The best way will be to look for the background check service or software which will do this all and get you a report in the end. But care must be taken to choose an ideal software that determines the further course of your business.

Tenant screening report 

By using the information filled in by you online in the tenant screening software, the software will run background checks and in the end, submit the tenant screening report. The tenant screening report will include criminal record and credit rating checks based on which, you can decide whether to onboard the tenant or not. 

Final Say 

It is the tenant screening software that has made onboarding the tenants pretty easy for the property managers. Make sure to choose the software wisely as boarding the right tenants is what will keep your business going and generate handsome returns. Opt for Tenantden’s tenant screening software and minimize your burden.